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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Profit Percentage % Unit Trust Investment

If I am an investor, I am definitely interested to know the ‘Profit Percentage’ that I will get. It is not that simple. You can check the unit price (NAV) & fund performance chart online, but there are other factors that influence the whole thing too. For recommended equity funds that has outperformed in the past & still do now, there are fees involved around 5.5% one-time service charge, 1.5% annual management fee & additional of 0.06% annual trustee fee (trustee fee is for investment of RM 18k & above only). How do I know for sure then, what my profit would be?

Based on my current research in January 2016, the fund that I did highly recommended (& will still do the same) to my clients had shown the annual nett profit of minimum 13% ! (proven track record shows the ability of the fund) With condition that investor understands that Minimum Investment Period required is 10 years, to ensure maximization of profit & goals achievement. If you are interested to invest in unit trust of Public Mutual, may I suggest for you to consider 10 years for your minimum investment period so that you would have less stress & give it more time to grow to gain maximum return.

Yes, you may WITHDRAW or SELL YOUR UNITS at anytime you want & have it banked-in to your account within 10 working days. Remember, join this investment only if your goal is for long term investment more than 5 years (I suggest at least 10 years) usually for Retirement Plan, Child Education Plan, Early Retirement Plan & Business Plan. If you’re creative enough & want to move forward progressively, you might also use this investment vehicle for your Holiday Plan as well as Health Expenses Plan! By choosing long term period for your investment in the beginning stage, you’ll be surprised & I strongly believe you will gain more benefits than what you’ve expected earlier. At many times, to be happy is to EXPECT LESS. That doesn’t mean you will get less. It just means you are giving yourself more rooms of positive thoughts but have acted in advance as a wisest man in the world.

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