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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

GLAD. Just Met My Investors From KUALA LUMPUR & PENANG. :)

Feel relieved. Just finished my 1 week trip to Kuala Lumpur & Penang . . . Glad that i've got the chance meeting my existing & new investors from the area. It is always good to travel & see new areas, even re-visit would do good. It will at least add new colours to our eyes and expand our knowledge about the areas or the people we meet. During the meeting, lots of Questions & Topics has been raised up such as:

➳ How is the profit percentage calculated?
➳ Is unit trust investment subject to tax?
➳ Why the minimum investment period recommended is 3 years?
➳ Can I withdraw my investment if less than 3 years and make new investment again later?
➳ What is the difference if I make one time EPF investment or if I continue to top up the investment every 3 months once?
➳ Why you did suggest high risk fund for my investment?
➳  Can I gain loss through this unit trust investment?
➳ Tell me why this unit trust investment is good for my retirement plan.

It's good to know that people I've met have high curiosity level. :) It is very important to ask questions as a sign that you've made an effort to increase knowledge, so that you would have CONFIDENCE and know that you'll make the right decision.

Quite long answers available for all that. I will share on my opinions about it soonest. Do check out for the new posts soon ! Feel free to contact me directly too via email or mobile. See you around !

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