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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Risks? What Should I Do?

What about RISK? Am I able to accept the risk? In investment, before you accept the expected return, you MUST ACCEPT the risk involves first. In any investment, there are risks involves without no doubt. In fact, the highest return you can get is from an investment vehicle that comes with highest risk. That’s the rules. Those who have gained loss in Unit Trust Investment usually (a)have not chose the suitable fund as his/her investment vehicle that suits his personal goals OR (b)invest in short term period especially less than 3 years period OR (c)panic during economic crisis/while unit price (NAV) drop and sold all of his/her available units while the unit price (NAV) low.  These are the THREE MAJOR FACTORS that cause unnecessary loss and you should try your best to understand these before you decide to invest & to always remember it after you’ve made your initial investment.

You should know that you could directly go to any Investment Company office & join the investment directly but you might have to make decision by yourself. It is important to have your own Unit Trust Consultant (UTC) / Perunding Unit Amanah or people always call it as Investment Agent, so that you could obtain advises before you make decision & while in the process. By investing with the help of UTC, he/she will be able to assist you in providing all the important information or showing you where to refer/obtain information. You could also get help from your UTC to check your fund performance & make certain investment analysis based on your requirements whenever required. Make a safe investment today with the help of UTC & I suggest you to seek for UTC advises before the decision making process takes place in regards to any transaction (including Initial Investment, Additional Investment, Fund Switching, Repurchase/Withdrawal/Unit Selling). Invest safely!

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