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Friday, 11 July 2014

Basic Information on Unit Trust Investment

Hello !

Good day to everyone especially my existing investors, friends and newbies.

Especially to newbies, please take note on this very basic information if you have any thoughts of savings & investing in Unit Trust. This type of investment is for long term investment. Recommended for more than 5 years period of investment. Try to set personal goal, minimum 10 years to gain maximum return. The longer, the better, the safer. Minimum return you can get is between 9%-15% per annum. Investment can be made from as minimum as RM1000 (MYR 1K) either by using CASH or EPF (KWSP). Open to everyone be it Malaysian or foreigners. 2 type of money sources be it from Individual or Company, so the investment could be for personal use or for corporate use. Any investment type will normally expose you to risk such as economic crisis. So it is very important to choose the best fund that invest in an industry that is productive during normal economic condition as well as during economic crisis (example: palm oil plantation). 100% islamic funds are available (Approved Syariah Compliance Funds). As long as you seek qualified & trusted consultant's advise before you want to make any decision on your investment, you'll always be safe and gain profit.

* Practice constant savings (such as monthly savings plan)
* Buy less when the price is high, buy more when the price is low.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Till then ! Bye.

Jas, Unit Trust Consultant of Public Mutual Berhad
(wholly-owned subsidiary of Public Bank Berhad)
T: +6017-7055381

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