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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Investment Tips for Year 2017

1) Prepare for uncertainty.
# Many caught by surprises in 2016. Some may be beneficial; some may trigger market volatility. The best approach in any environment is to maintain a long-term perspective and a balanced and diversified portfolio.

2) Save more.
# I recommend saving 12% to 15% of your income. If you don’t save enough and the markets don’t bail you out, there’s nothing you can do. If you over-save and do well, great—you can retire a few years earlier.

3) Stay well-informed.
# Great investors understand how all the pieces fit together. Become familiar with all the funds in your portfolio and know the role that each one plays in your investment plan. Stay abreast of the markets and economy, but don’t be driven by their movements. I realize it sounds paradoxical to say stay current but resist the urge to act. But that’s exactly what you should do.

CREDIT: Materials credit to Vanguard Group. 

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